Thank you for your interest in the Stellar Flash series

Thank you for your interest in the Stellar Flash series.


I was originally planning to release the first novel in September but with the launch of both The Orville and Star Trek: Discovery featuring a couple of situations and characters that were quite similar, I’ve done some rewriting to make it a little bit more unique. While there are some scenes to help ground human readers in alien situations, I’m pretty sure no one has ever written a series with this kind of technology before, (well, I haven’t found it so please let me know if someone has) though I think you might find some vague similarities to early Andromeda and Farscape.

Like Discovery, the first story in the Stellar Flash series is set in a system with binary suns. I’d already established that in Stellar Flash: The Pilot, a short story which was released in August, so that wasn’t going to change. However, unlike the suns in Discovery which were backdrop, these play a major part in the plot.

Like The Orville, the Captain Hogart has a scene introducing all the crew members, though this piece was more to convey the relationship between Hogart and Heartness, and the alienness of the situation, rather than a simple intro.

Like Discovery, the crew of the Stellar Flash end up in conflict with some black and brown aliens. Though, mine aren’t Kiingons. They don’t have a name and are simply referred to as ‘mushroom bugs’

Stellar Flash also has an amorous blob on board interested in some of the crew, though my amorous blob is female, and she is the doctor and astrobiologist, and one of eight main characters.

I was surprised there were toilet jokes in The Orville. I thought I was being original having a few scenes resulting in some alien embarrassment, but no, The Orville beat me to that one, too. *sigh*

So, I just wanted to connect with you here in the blog and say, hey, yeah, we came up with the same ideas at the same time. Isn’t that great! Sci fi writers thinking along the same lines, knowing what viewers want.

Actually, it was more like this:

Stellar Flash The Orville Star Trek Discovery

Thanks for reading. Stellar Flash: Alien Frequency will be out next week. And then I’ll start writing book number 2.

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